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Writing for Coffee House Writers Online Mag

After working in my private bubble for many years, I'm taking on a new challenge - writing for US online magazine Coffee House Writers. CHW is a community of writers that produce a weekly online magazine. Their magazine covers all genres and forms and my part in all of this is creating a short story once a fortnight.

It's a challenge as my original thought was I can write a story a fortnight. I've been writing a short story a week for months! Easy peasy! Hmmm, maybe not as easy as I thought. For starters, I'm working closely with an editor which is a new experience (can't take shortcuts). And reading back over some of the short stories I've bashed out recently, they aren't good enough to publish. So, my challenge is twofold: discipline to write a short story each fortnight, and to make it good enough to publish.

I'll share links to my writing with CHW fortnightly and would love for people to read them and leave me feedback. The first story, Looking For Roger, is out now.


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