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Most writers would love to be the next Margaret Attwood (The Handmaid's Tail), Amanda Brown (Legally Blonde), or Stephen King (too many titles to mention!). But how you get there is, to some extent, a personal choice. You can submit to traditional publishers - still perceived as the only 'legitimate' way to publish - or self-publish.

And there's no right or wrong.

Having published through traditional, hybrid, and self-publishing, I understand what traditional publishers are looking for and how they want to see it; and I understand formatting and printing for self-publishing. (How to deal with 'orphans' and 'widows' can be tricky sometimes.) There are plenty of self-publishing programs available online, but unless you've been taught some of the tricks of the trade, getting the formatting and page layout right can be tricky. 

Visit Jaymah for more information about the services I offer.

Publihn Consultant


You've got the idea. You want to bring it to life. But something's not quite gelling? Talk to me.
Writing, editing, manuscript feedback and mentoring services are available.

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