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An introvert as a child, it was easier to express myself through words and music. Now my private passions are public.

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Novelist, writer, storyteller, writing and publishing consultant, traveller and dreamer!

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Save the date - 14th January 2024

Gilderoy by Sage Quinn

Romance is in the air!

Charlie Dixon is a down-to-earth, good guy who wants little more than a simple life. But when he loses his wife and child as the result of a bungled home invasion, Charlie rebuilds his life. When his wife Myra returns after being missing for five years, Charlie must choose between the new woman in his life and the mother of his deceased daughter.

A 'sliding doors' story that will keep you guessing. Will Charlie choose to return to Myra who deserted him after an accident? Or will he pick up the pieces of a shattered life with new love, Ruby? 

Sage Quinn's debut romance novel will be launched on January 14th, 2024 at the Barwon Heads Indie Author Bookfair.

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The Land of Giant Pineapples

by Judy Rankin and Shayla Gray

The land of giant pineapples is the story of eleven-year-old Shayla Gray, an average girl living on a small farm in Melbourne’s outer suburbs. On Shayla’s eleventh birthday, her fifteen-year-old sister, Willow, admits to seeing some peculiar movement in one of the paddocks around a group of pineapple palm trees they call Plantation Island. After an argument with her father, Willow disappears. Shayla is sure Willow’s disappearance has something to do with the ‘peculiar movement’ and sets out to find her sister and uncover the mystery.

Shayla will have to join forces with an Aboriginal wizard (she doesn’t know exists), use powers (she doesn’t know she has), and enter a world (she doesn’t think is real) in order to rescue Willow and help save the land of giant pineapples.

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It is said that cancer reaches far beyond the body it attacks. Liz, the youngest of four siblings, spent the majority of her early years in Victoria and Tasmania. In her thirties, she followed her heart to the coast of New South Wales. By age thirty-nine, she was a wife and mother on the verge of a new life as a theology student. And then she heard the two words no woman ever wants to hear: breast cancer.
It’s [Not] All About Liz! tells the true story of her battle with cancer through her eyes—and through those of her family. Liz; her older sister, Judy; her eldest daughter, Clara; and Joe, the family patriarch, each share a unique perspective on how Liz’s cancer impacted them.
The experience took her family and friends on a roller-coaster ride of emotion, one that contained moments of heartbreaking darkness— but also unexpected light.

It's [Not] All About Liz - the series.

In response to feedback, each chapter of It's [Not] All About Liz! is now available in separate ebooks on Kindle. Readers are all different and may find only one chapter of the book relevant or of interest. Buy it for yourself or for someone you know. 

Each chapter book will be available on Amazon in the month of December. Release dates are as follows:

It's All About Judy - out now 

It's All About Clara - available 7/12/23

It's All About Liz - available 14/12/23

It's All About Joe (includes an epilogue) - available 21/12/23

The loyalty of a once-proud nation exploited by a pact it must honour; a war that divides families, friends and communities. Catelina Marés, a stubborn, beautiful and fiercely proud Catalan woman must fight for all she loves and cries out for while the twists of history and fate intervene. Will she keep what her heart holds dear?

And what of her childhood friend, grown into a man who chooses to put his country before all else. Will Mateo Amador lose everything and everyone he values to do his duty for his people?

Can love and duty co-exist; is allegiance more important than family; and must duty ultimately destroy?

Set against the backdrop of the Catalan Revolt during the Franco-Spanish War (1640 - 1659) this vivid tale of danger, honour and love will have you turning the pages until the last one, no matter the time.




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Reunited with my first love


The cliches abound: never say never, when you least expect it... I never dreamed I'd be reunited with my first love after 40 years, but...

Published in the 'That's Life! Mega Monthly' January (released November 2019).




"In August 2015, Judy Rankin stumbled across the graves of 29 ANZACs in a tiny English churchyard and set out to discover how they came to be in this final resting place..."

Published in the Victorian RSL member magazine Mufti, September 2017.

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