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Coffee House Writers Online Magazine

A couple of months ago, Coffee House Writers - an online magazine based in the USA - was looking for new writers. It seemed like a good opportunity to challenge myself and my ability to write something worth publishing on a fortnightly basis.

I won't lie; it's been more testing than I anticipated. I thought I've got heaps of short stories filed away, I'll just polish them up! Yeah, nah. Suddenly, I'm on a learning curve; working with an editor, writing in US English and grammar, and discipline to submit something (good) each fortnight.

This week, I've started a short series titled, A Gap in Time. Join Bess and Ermentrude as they travel the centuries arguing the pros and cons of women's rights and equality. Potentially a heavy topic, I'm hoping to make it a bit of fun.

You'll find my stories - and stories and poetry from writers around the world covering many genres - at Coffee House Writers. And, if you read something you like - or don't like - leave a comment.

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