Novelist, writer, storyteller, publishing assistant, ESL teacher, traveller and dreamer!

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About Me

After many years of writing in private and sharing with no one, 2014 saw the very private recesses unleashed for all to see. 

My first book, It's [Not] All About Liz!, co-written with three other family members, is the true story of my sister Liz's cancer journey, told through the eyes of the four family members. It follows the personal experiences of myself, Liz, our father, Joe, and Liz's daughter Clara.

Since releasing the book in March 2014, I have written several novels, personal essays and short stories.

26 OCTOBER, 2017

The loyalty of a once-proud nation exploited by a pact it must honour; a war that divides families, friends and communities. 

Set in 1639 - 1659, we follow the history of Catalonia through the lives of the Mares and Amador families. Witness the events and betrayals that saw the beginning of the end for the State of Catalonia.

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