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Barcelona, Catalunya, 1635. The ongoing war between France and Spain threatens’ the dissolution of autonomy for the historic principality of Catalunya.Catelina Mares, the naive and headstrong daughter of merchant trader, Pau Mares, fails to understand how someone else’s war can affect her life so dramatically. While the politician’s argue over the ally of lesser evil – Spain or France – and the peasants suffer under the weight of enforced billeting of soldiers, all are forced to acknowledge that the Catalan way of life is under threat.As the conflict continues, Catelina’s future is forever changed when Mateo Amador, friend and activist, disappears after joining the Catalan rebel forces.Through the lives of the Mares and Amador families, the story tells of a David and Goliath type battle for survival. Like her people, Catelina is bold, determined and proud and refuses to give up without a fight constantly declaring, “I am Catala!


SKU: 10002
  • ISBN: 978-1-78465-363-8
    Size: US Trade 6" x 9: / 150mm x 230mm
    Language: English
    Pages: 399
    Format: Softcover
    Category: Fiction - Historical/Romance
    Publication Date: 2017

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